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Concord Public Financial Advisors, Inc. is a registered municipal advisor with the Securities and Exchange Commission and Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board.

Municipal Advisory Services

Comprehensive Municipal Advisory Services

Seek the Professional Help of Our Municipal Advisors

At Concord Public Finance, we will assist you with financial advice and analytical services on financing options and alternatives targeted to meet your financing needs.
Financial advisor and clients

Providing You A Complete Financial Solution

  • Analyze the client’s needs
  • Analyze the annual and present value costs of financing in various markets
  • Analyze the cost / benefit of competitive or negotiated methods of completing a transaction
  • Recommend a plan of finance to meet the client’s objectives
  • If appropriate, prepare necessary information for bond rating agencies and municipal bond insurers
  • If appropriate, assist in the selection of a financing team
  • Assist with obtaining investments
  • Attend closing to assure that everything is completed in accordance with the client’s expectations and needs
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